Posted on Feb 10, 2010

{Slightly paranoid}

What’s your greatest fear? There are so many things for mortals to be afraid of- many of which are just and many of which are not. Our lives are, by and large, monitored, for example. As this post is typed, my location could easily be monitored if someone wanted to (the network I am on is not secure to say the least).

Fear accomplishes so much in our world. We fear the unknown, which, in some ways, is sad. I love the unknown.

I’m presently reading an excellent story called Little Brother (a delicious play on Orwell’s creation), which chronicles just how little freedom we have at the flick of an official’s wrist.

This thought was solidified for me as I learned about studying abroad at a school meeting on Tuesday. The leader mentioned that laws vary in different nations, mentioning, for example, how in the states we can be jailed for not having an I.D. with us when we go to buy a gallon of milk.

That is due to fear.

Such an issue can be applied to almost anything in my life.

Gay marriage is not allowed, as conservative heterosexuals fear that gays having butt sex will somehow make their straight marriages fail. (Point of clarifying: t is much more likely that the man’s erectile disfunction will be the cause).

What kills me about this, though, is the lack of power I feel. In many ways, what will happen will happen. That’s such a bitter taste for me. I like to think that I can have a profound impact on the world, and moments like these, when I realize that the country I call home could essentially ruin my life, make me more melancholy than words can describe.

To read this excellent book, written by Cory Doctorow, follow this link: